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Meet the Owner!


Hello! Thanks for checking out OBX Island Childcare! My name is Ashley Castelow and I recently purchased OBX Island Childcare from the wonderful Maria Mandis in 2022. 

There’s something special about buying a business that you have worked for for several years. I am so thankful for Maria's mentorship and continued support as I take on this new journey! I'm grateful to be able to continue growing with this business. 

As a young child, I always knew I wanted to work with kids in some capacity. I remember always taking on the “motherly” role in friendships. I just loved taking care of people. I began working with kids in high school, doing some odd end babysitting jobs. In college, I did several babysitting jobs for different families and agencies. I began working with Maria during summer break, 2019, and met so many different families. I enjoyed meeting so many different people and building connections with families! I obtained my Bachelors in Social Work from Appalachian State University in December of 2020. Through the course of obtaining my degree, I spent a lot of time interacting with children through my volunteer work and course work from school, as well as other jobs. I also have spent some time working in a daycare setting. I spent about ten months  working 1:1 in an autism clinic in New Orleans, Louisiana which I loved dearly!

During the off season, I spend my time working with neurodivergent kiddos at a local elementary school!  I love finding new, fun, creative ways to engage with children! 

I am excited to welcome Ashley as the new owner of OBX Island Childcare, LLC. I purchased the business in 2015 and enjoyed all of my years serving the many families who vacation here on the Outer Banks. Working both behind the scenes in the office and out in the field with the children, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with this company. As I move in a new direction with my career, I now hand over the business to an energetic and experienced young lady. Ashley came on board with me shortly after I acquired OBXIC and worked very well with so many families. She is punctual and a good communicator. She goes above and beyond to make sure children are well cared for and have fun, always bringing many activities for them to do. She follows company policies and the directions given to her by the families. She was one of my most requested sitters. Ashley was on the top of my list as I thought of people who would carry on the valuable work that OBXIC provides.

It is with full confidence as I leave, knowing that Ashley will continue to provide the excellence and commitment for which OBXIC has been known. Please welcome her as she transitions into this new role, and have confidence that your children will be given the same quality of care as always.




A note from Mrs. Maria:
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